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Kiel is the capital and largest city of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The nearest big city is Hamburg in the south of Kiel.

Kiel was founded in around 1240. His rise from small town to big city Kiel experienced after it became the empire and a naval port in 1871. 1885 Kiel had more than 50,000 inhabitants. 1900 there were already 100,000 and this situation allows Kiel to become a big city. Now there are about 237 000 inhabitants who live in Kiel. Large parts of the city are very old. During World War II many old buildings were destroyed and modern buildings rebuilt, so that Kiel has a reputation of a rather brittle city.

In addition to the medieval old town, the streets and old markets Kiel has much more to offer. Above all, the buildings, such as the ensemble of City Hall, City Hall tower, opera house and the house with Deutsche Bank are so special. Kiel is also internationally known by the sailing event "Kieler Woche".

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Kiel sightseeing

Kiel Week
Kiel week is an annual sail festival, which is hold in Kiel since the end of the 19th Century. It is now the largest sailing event in the world and the largest public festival in northern Europe. Kiel Week is held each year in the last week of June and is already on Saturday against the so-called bells and opened the Holsten spree. Only a day earlier, on Friday evening, the festival begins with the sound check on stage in the city of Kiel. Kiel Week ends on Sunday evening with a 20 minutes long fireworks display. The numerous band attracts many visitors at the Kiel Week that occur throughout the ten days of the Kiel Week at the various stages. The performances range from local groups, based on the smaller stages, such as "Junge Bühne" but also the larger occur up to very famous bands and comedians.
Theater and art hall in Kiel
You can find the theater Kiel in the vicinity of the Baltic Sea Area . It consists of theater, opera house and theater at Shipyard Park. Here you can enjoy musical theater with philharmonic orchestra, ballet, drama, children's and young people's theater. It is one of the largest theaters in Germany.

The art hall of Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel must be visited if one has the desire to see more art and culture. The art hall was built in 1909 and is located on the waterfront north of the city of Kiel. The building has a staircase attached to which an extension was translucent in 1986. The art hall invites 2000 m² of exhibition space where changing exhibitions of all ages will be demonstrated in three large rooms.
Since 1525 the Holsten Street (of Holstein) has its name and is after the street stairs in Kassel the second oldest pedestrian zone in Germany. Against the opposition of the retail its upper part was blocked for the private vehicular traffic on 12 December 1953. 1957 Holsten Street was opened only for pedestrians in its southern part.
In Kiel the Holsten-Street is the traditional shopping street with department stores and specialty shops of all kinds. During the Kieler Week the Holsten Street transforms into the venue for a huge festival. At the northern end of the Holsten Street you can find the Old Market with the Nikolai Church, which is the center of the historic city center. Further south, at the Asmus-Bremer-Platz, you can see the building of the newspaper Kieler News. When you turn to the east, you come directly to the Kiel Firth Schwedenkai, where ferries depart on and off for Sweden.
The old Botanical Garden
The old Botanical Garden was opened in 1884. Originally the site was conceived as an English landscape garden and then rebuilt at a botanical garden from 1878 to 1884. The garden is located north of downtown, close to the Firth of Kiel, art hall Kiel and the university clinics.
1975 you had the idea to create a new Botanical Garden on the university campus in the Olshausenstraße, which was also opened in 1985. A superstructure of the old botanical garden could prevent so that the garden was preserved as a public access park and remain open all year round. Since 1980, public tours are held through the garden and in 1992 he was designated as a natural and cultural monument.

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